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Iuk Eel Season

Seven Seasons of the Kulin People

Iuk Eel Season [March]

Hot winds cease and temperatures cool.

Short Finned Eel
Artist - Karina H McInnes
Source - Museum Victoria
'We used to set a fishing line at night time, mostly in the lagoons. We got eels out of that . . . they'd go down to where Badger Creek runs into the Yarra. If eels were running that plentiful they'd make a net and put that in.' Martha Nevin, 1969

Iuk (eels) are fat and ready to harvest.

Binap (Manna Gum) is flowering.

Days and nights are of equal length.

Lo-An Tuka, the Hunter, is the star Canopus, seen almost due south at sunset.

manna gum
Manna Gum in flower
Artist - Karina H McInnes
Source - Museum Victoria

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