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Yellow-bellied Glider

Yellow-bellied Glider

Yellow-bellied Glider
Yellow-bellied Glider
Photographer - Gary Lewis
Source - Gary Lewis Photography Pty. Ltd

Petaurus australis

Yellow-bellied Gliders are large gliding marsupials of tall forest areas.

They live in family groups and communicate by distinctive calls at night. Females may produce young at any time of the year.

Food includes invertebrates, eucalypt sap, nectar and pollen. A particular preference is the sugar-rich sap of eucalypts obtained from triangular or V-shaped cuts made on the tree.

Individuals are recorded close to the outer Melbourne area. Yellow-bellied Gliders have a preference for smoothed-barked eucalypts as well as forests of mixed eucalypt species.

Populations are threatened by forest clearing and intensive timber harvesting. They do not readily recolonise logged areas.

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