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Rocky River Frog

Rocky River Frog

Rocky River Frog
Rocky River Frog
Photographer - Peter Robertson
Source - Wildlife Profiles Pty. Ltd

Litoria lesueuri

One of the largest of the `rocky river' frogs and a very strong jumper, this frog has on occasions been found long distances from water. It is locally common and its distribution extends from just west of Melbourne, along the Great Divide to North Queensland.

Adults can be found in both wet and dry forest and open areas but more commonly in association with running water. The eggs are laid in streamside pools and backwaters and the tadpoles are active swimmers in running water.

Males usually call from rocks on stream or river banks. The call is a series of several similar short soft trills rapidly repeated -"creww crewwk crewwwk crwwwwwk"

The eggs are pigmented in jelly clumps attached to vegetation or rocks, or floating. The tadpoles are light brown and the fins are yellowish with brown flecks.

Adults have purple/black and white/yellow mottling on the back of thighs and a black stripe passing through the eye and broadening over a distinct tympanum (ear).

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