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Mountain Galaxias

Mountain Galaxias

Mountain Galaxias
Mountain Galaxias
Photographer - Rudie H. Kuiter
Source - Aquatic Photographics

Galaxias olidus

Mountain Galaxias live mainly in clear, flowing mountain streams with gravel beds, where water temperatures remain cool through the summer. Unlike migratory species like the Spotted Galaxias and Broad-finned Galaxias, young remain in the same general vicinity as their parents.

This is by far the most widely distributed Australian species of the family having life cycles completely confined to freshwaters. Occurring in rivers and streams which drain the Great Dividing Range of eastern Australia, it is found from eastern South Australia to southern Queensland, although some local populations vary in form and coloration from others and could conceivably represent separate species.

The most notable is a small population in the upper reaches of the Goulburn River, the shallow streams and creeks above the winter snow line. Fish from this region have an orange coloration with two to five dark bars on each side, which provide a basis for its common name, the Barred Galaxias.

European trout which have been stocked in many upland streams prey on Mountain Galaxias and compete with them for food. Where trout have been introduced, the numbers of Mountain Galaxias have decreased. The continued survival of isolated populations like the Barred Galaxias could easily be threatened by the introduction of trout to their waters.

Although reported to nearly 15 cm, the Mountain Galaxias doesn't often exceed a length of 6-7 cm.

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