Fiji's Treasured Culture: Highlighting the collections of Museum Victoria

Web Links

Fiji Government Online

Detailed information on Fiji today, including an overview of many aspects of Fijian life, culture and history.

Fiji Museum

This important cultural institution holds collections which include archaeological material dating back 3,500 years and cultural objects representing Fiji's indigenous inhabitants and settlers over the past 100 years.

Just Pacific

Articles, pictures and weblinks relating to the art, culture and society of Fiji and the wider Pacific, derived from the anthropological research of Rod Ewins.

Pacific Studies and Asian Studies WWW Virtual Libraries

These websites provide bibliographical detail for any part of Asia and the Pacific. Developed within the Research School of Asian and Pacific Studies at the Australian National University, they are part of a global collaborative project which provides access to networked scholarly

Rob Kay’s Fiji Islands Travel Guide

This guide includes an introduction to the meaning, spelling and pronunciation of Fijian words
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