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Sali, Cali or Tebetebe

A broadly curved club with a blade on the end and a spur on the upper curve of the club. The heavy end is highly decorated. These are sometimes called musket clubs because of their shape, but it is more likely to be inspired by the clawed cali flower, a species of wild banana (Musa sp). The club is mostly used so as to bring the blade end down on a victim, cutting through flesh and bone. The spur may have been used to penetrate the skull of a victim and to parry other weapons. This is a very heavy club but lighter ones were often carved for use in dance. The entire broad end of the club has been carved in representation of tattooing.
Reg. Number: X2266
Acquistion Details: Purchased from Arthur Todd Holroyd Estate, 1888
Dimensions: L.1100mm D.50mm W.blade 137mm W.blade and spur 230mm
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