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Detail of an Adze Adze Adze Photograph of a carver making a bowl Photograph of making a wooden bowl

Matau Vatu

The hafting platform is carved at an acute angle to the handle and the adze blade is attached with tightly bound sinnet fibre. Adzes were general-purpose woodworking tools, used for roughing out objects like large yaqona bowls and canoes. The stone, usually made of basalt in this area, was chipped into shape with a hammer stone, then shaped by rubbing with wet sand on special purpose stone grinding grooves until the desired final shape and polish was reached. A high sheen was imparted to the stone by rubbing with shark or ray skin.
Reg. Number: X2256
Acquistion Details: Acquisition details unknown
Dimensions: L.355mm L.blade and socket 245mm
MV Collection object
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