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SEARCH RESULTS: TOPIC: Household and Daily Life / OBJECT: Ceramic water storage jar

Photograph of Pottery

Ceramic water storage jar
Saqa ni wai

Large round ceramic water jar or bottle, encircled with knotted netting allowing the container to be suspended. Pottery is made by the paddle-and-anvil technique whereby a slab of clay is hand moulded to the general shape desired then paddled to the final shape and thickness against a stone anvil placed inside the pot. The finished pot is allowed to dry in the shade to a leather hardness and is then baked in an open fire. While still hot a resin made from the dakua tree (a species of kauri pine) is applied to the pot giving it a glazed appearance. This type of container held water for use in cooking or for the preparation of yaqona.
Reg. Number: X2163
Acquistion Details: Acquisition details unknown
Dimensions: Diam.265mm H.265mm
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Pottery water jar
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