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SEARCH RESULTS: TOPIC: Dress and Adornment / OBJECT: Bark cloth - Masi bolabola

Photograph of Women producing Bark cloth Producing bark cloth

Bark cloth - Masi bolabola
Masi bolabola

Painted very dark brown to black with light tan to white lines forming intricately painted triangular and diamond-shaped patterns. A butterfly design may be seen within each square. Bark cloth or masi is made from the bark of the Paper Mulberry tree Broussentia papyrifera, pounded, the strips joined, and pounded again until thin and supple. Designs were then painted and stencilled on the bark using a variety of earth colours. This type of bark cloth from Taveuni Island, Cakaudrove Province is old, very rare and, unlike most Fijian Masi, is hand painted.
Reg. Number: X2140
Acquistion Details: Acquisition details unknown
Dimensions: L.900mm W.860mm
MV Collection object
Bark cloth
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