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SEARCH RESULTS: TOPIC: Ritual and Religion / OBJECT: Yaqona bowl

A Yaqona bowl Photograph of making a wooden bowl Photograph of Yaqona being prepared Photograph of group Yaqona ceremony

Yaqona bowl
Tanoa ni yaqona (Dave ni yaqona)

Deep round bowl on four cylindrical legs. Staining on the inside of this bowl indicates it has been used for yaqona, and is a much admired feature. A triangular lug, mata ni tanoa, is always a part of the bowl. A sinnet fibre cord, magimagi, passed through a hole in this lug, and present here, is used to hang the bowl while not in use or, for ceremonial purposes a long cord, wa ni tanoa, with white cowrie shells, buli leka, points from the lug to the ranking participant or honoured guest in the yaqona ceremony.
Reg. Number: X14888
Acquistion Details: Purchased from W. Simmonds, 1908
Dimensions: H.155mm Diam.440mm
MV Collection object
Priest's Yaqona bowl
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