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SEARCH RESULTS: OBJECT: Natuacolo, the Tui Nadrau

Photograph of Man holding a club Photograph of Man with club and Whale teeth necklace

Natuacolo, the Tui Nadrau

On ceremonial occasions of high importance chiefs would dress in voluminous folds of valuable bark-cloth, denoting their status. In this drawing the Tui Nadrau, paramount chief of the important district of Nadrau in highland Vitilevu, wears the particular cloth of that area, called liti. The cloth was made by women but, unique to this part of Fiji, was painted by men. It was black or dark brown on one side, plain on the other, hence the variegated effect seen in this drawing, caused by folding.
Reg. Number: P 25.6 29, Fiji Museum
Fiji Museum photograph
Illustration of Chief Natuacolo
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