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SEARCH RESULTS: TOPIC: Ritual and Religion / OBJECT: Yaqona sieve (detail)

Yaqona sieve (detail)
Vulo ni yaqona

The sieve is semi-conical and woven with vilawa reed and coir sinnet fibre in a technique similar to that of the model spirit house or temple, and the ceremonial plinth. Fern leaves were placed over the top of the sieve's body, then finely ground yaqona root was strained out as water was poured through the leaves. Finally, the mesh of fern leaves was kneaded to squeeze out the remaining liquid into the yaqona dish at the bottom of the sieve.
Reg. Number: X92883
Acquistion Details: Acquisition details unknown
Dimensions: Diam.125-190mm H.115mm
MV Collection object
Sieve detail
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