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SEARCH RESULTS: TOPIC: Ritual and Religion / OBJECT: Priest's yaqona bowl

Detail of Yaqona bowl handle

Priest's yaqona bowl
Dave ni yaqona

A round wooden bowl made from vesi wood. The lip of the bowl is finely decorated as is the single straight handle. The depth of the bowl suggests it was used primarily for yaqona, though such containers had multiple purposes; it could also have been used as an oil dish or a dish for food offerings to the gods of the spirit temple. As a yaqona dish it would have been used in the barau fashion, the priest sucking yaqona from the dish through a straw without touching the container with the hands.
Reg. Number: X90679
Acquistion Details: Acquisition details unknown
Dimensions: Diam.180mm L. handle 95mm
MV Collection object
Yaqona bowl
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