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CSIRAC has inspired the creation of several books.

The First Computer Mouse

By David Demant

Mouse book

‘Grandad reminisces about the old computer he worked on when he was young. But more was happening... Under the floor was another world, whose inhabitants kept careful watch on the humans and their computer.’

The First Computer Mouse is a fanciful children's story about the early days of computing, when machines were huge and people fed them with paper tapes to tell them what to do.

The Music of CSIRAC

By Paul Doornbusch

The Music of CSIRAC charts a new history of computer music starting in Australia in the early 1950s. Complete with a reconstruction of the first music played by a computer, this book tells the story of the engineers and programmers who made its creation possible.

The book also contains a CD of the music of CSIRAC.

The Last of the First CSIRAC: Australia’s First Computer

Edited by Doug McCann & Peter Thorne

In late 1940s Australia a team of scientists embarked on an ambitious project to design and build a programmable digital computer. The Last of the First is the story of the remarkable machine that launched the country into the digital age, told by the people who built and used it.

This fascinating book presents recent research into this unique machine, along with details of its development.

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