A number of resources are available exploring CSIRAC and related topics.

These include details of the CSIRAC Archive, books about or inspired by CSIRAC, educational activities and links to external web resources.

Education activities

The following activities incorporate the use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Archive TitlePDF File
CSIRAC Digital Detective (PDF 99k) Link to Digital Detective PDF
CSIRAC Evolution of the Computer (PDF 64k) Link to Evolution of the Computer PDF
CSIRAC Mouse Maze (PDF 60k) Link to Mouse Maze PDF
CSIRAC Predicting the Weather (PDF 59k) Link to Predicting the Weather PDF

Website Links

The following links lead to other websites containing information about the history of computing.

Monash University’s Computing in Melbourne: a historical tour

Radiomuseum website

CSIRAC - The University of Melbourne Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Lorenz Ciphers and the Colossus

Computer History Museum

The University of Manchester Celebrates the Birth of the Modern Computer

Description of the BINAC

EDSAC 99 at University of Cambridge

The Alan Turing Home Page

Australian Computer Society

The Pearcey Foundation

Museum Victoria CSIRAC Information Sheet

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