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Colonial Square at the Melbourne Museum
Views of Colonial Square at Melbourne Museum
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The 25 blocks making up the Colonial Square sculpture at Melbourne Museum represent most of the ornamentation seen on the former Colonial Mutual Life building, one of the grandest ever built in Melbourne. The blocks give an indication of the scale of the construction and the superb workmanship that went into the stonemasonry. The magnificent carved capitals are especially notable.

Most blocks on display can be sourced to a feature at a particular level on the building. The six pieces forming the northern cluster are from the two upper floors of the building, close to one edge. The central cluster is made up of random pieces, including a carved slab carrying part of the original lettering for the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the USA (this was subsequently covered by Colonial Mutual Life signs after the building changed hands in 1923). Pieces of pink Cape Woolamai granite from the portico make up the southern cluster, with one block from a section of the base-course.

Museum Victoria acknowledges the generous support of the Commonwealth Bank in the presentation of this significant sculptural installation.

Slab in Harcourt granite with carved letters CIETY

Capital carved in Harcourt granite, from top of Corinthian columns, front and sides of building

Part of fluted column in Harcourt granite

Block in Harcourt granite with flute ornamentation

Commonwealth Bank
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