Caught and Coloured: Zoology Illustrations from Colonial Victoria

Short-necked Tortoise, Emydura macquarii

Image Details
  • Plate Number: 82
  • Media: Lithographic print - lithographic ink on paper
  • Lithographer: John James Wild
  • Artist: John James Wild
Transcript from the Prodromus of Zoology

Plates 82-83. The Murray Tortoise, Chelymys macquaria (now known as the Short-necked Tortoise, Emydura macquarii) found at the Goulburn River

Although popularly called the Murray Turtle by the colonists, the structure of the feet is that proper to the walking Tortoises, and not the exclusively swimming paddles of the true Turtles.

Very common in the River Murray and its branches, the Darling, Goulburn, &c., from which a great number of specimens of various ages and sizes are in the Museum. It is not found in the rivers flowing south into the sea on the Victorian coast. The specimen figured is one of average size from the Goulburn.

Although so common, no recognisable figure has been published before.