Caught and Coloured: Zoology Illustrations from Colonial Victoria

Blotched Blue-tongue Lizard, Tiliqua nigrolutea

Image Details
  • Plate Number: 131
  • Media: Lithographic proof - lithographic ink on paper
  • Author: John James Wild
  • Artist: John James Wild
  • Location: Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, old Melbourne cemetery
Transcript from the Prodromus of Zoology

Plate 131. The Southern, or Blotched, Blue-tongued Lizard, Cyclodus nigroluteus (now known as the Blotched Blue-tongue Lizard, Tiliqua nigrolutea) found about Melbourne

Not uncommon about Melbourne, where it is generally called "Blue-tongued Lizard," or "Sleepy Lizard." When kept in confinement it feeds on bread and milk, lapping the milk readily.

Current Scientific Information

Blotched Blue-tongue Lizard, Tiliqua nigrolutea


Large lizard, up to 250 mm long (snout-vent). Dark dorsal surface with lighter blotches. Similar to Common Blue Tongue Lizard, but has darker background colour and lacks corss-bars on back.

Habitat and range

In wet and dry sclerophyll forest, montane woodlands and coastal heathlands. Common in the Melbourne area, especially in natural parks and reserves in the eastern suburbs.


This species is omnivorous, feeding on variety of both animal and vegetable matter, such as snails, fruits and flowers. Females give birth to up to 12 live young in late summer to early autumn.