Caught and Coloured: Zoology Illustrations from Colonial Victoria

About Caught & Coloured

Project Background

Caught & Coloured: Zoological Illustrations from Colonial Victoria was conceived by John Kean as recipient of Museum Victoria's Science and Humanities Fellowship 2004, funded by the Thomas Ramsay Trust Fund.

The project has relied on the expertise and commitment of museum staff, volunteers, creative practitioners, historians and scientists.

The Museums Board of Victoria's Thomas Ramsay Science and Humanities Committee supported the project throughout its development, enabling it to reach its full potential.

Professor John Coghlan, Executive Director of The Menzies Foundation has been an untiring advocate of the project. The Menzies Foundation generously provided the funds for the employment of a research assistant and the development of the 'McCoy’s World' interactive.

The site is dedicated to the memory of Ludwig Becker (1808 - 1861) who came from Northern Europe with acute eyes and an open heart. His image of a Gurnard, inscribed Caught and Colored from nature, Aug 17.58, provided sustained inspiration during the site’s creation.