Evolution: Torres Strait Islander Masks



Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre
Melbourne Museum
Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
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Evolution: Torres Strait Masks presents a rich history of mask making in the Torres Strait. The exhibition highlights the significance of masks in Torres Strait Islander ceremonies and culture and their evolution to the present day through the commission works of eight artists from the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula area.

Evolution: Torres Strait Masks was developed by the National Museum of Australia in partnership with the Gab Titui Centre and its parent body, the Torres Strait Regional Authority.

Banner image: Koedal Awgadhalayg by Alick Tipoti with headdresses – Badhu (Badu), Kala Lagaw Ya language group - Gab Titui Cultural Centre, Photographer: George Serras, Sources: National Museum of Australia