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The Value of Data

The Value of Data

Create a Biodiversity Checklist of Recognisable Taxonomic Units.

Basically, you sample an area and produce a species list for butterflies, snakes, frogs, mammals or lizards.

The processes required are: (Theory / Practice / Application)


  • Set the Goal(s)
  • Assess the contribution of your data to the goal(s)
  • Assess how well you have achieved your goal(s)


  • Acquire Scientific / Common Names
  • Add Spatial Distributional Data
  • Acquire GIS Data
  • Make a Map of the Species Distribution
  • Acquire Activity / Breeding etc data during each month of the year
  • Acquire images
  • Is this enough? Often No!
  • Acquire list of other species related to the target species.
  • Perform the above information acquisition loop, until you have developed a complete picture of the species you are researching.


  • Discuss what information you have acquired.
  • How best can you use this information?
  • What is the value of this information?
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