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    Australian Lizards - The Victorian Fauna of Lizards, Geckos, Skinks, Dragons, Goannas, Monitors and Legless Lizards

    Australia is sometimes called the "Land of the Lizards" due to its spectacular diversity of these animals. Discover Victoria's wonderful lizard fauna of 87 lizard species - including the highly unusual legless lizards! Find out their names, what they look like where and when they occur as well as what you can find in your own area. Many of us have a long-term fascination with lizards that probably began as a child catching skinks in the backyard. The resources offered here combine 20,000 records and hundreds of images with biological and ecological information on all Victorian Lizards.

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    (*Highly Recommended as a starting point)

    Alpine Bog Skink

    Alpine Bog Skink Pseudemoia cryodroma
    Photo by and © Peter Robertson

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