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    Australian Butterflies, Snakes, Frogs, Mammals and Lizards on the Web - The Victorian Fauna.

    Imagine a new book on Victoria's fascinating and unique animals. It took 150 years to write, contains almost 300,000 pages and over 12,000 pictures and deals with every species of butterfly, frog, snake, lizard and mammal.

    Now turn that book into a web site and you have a huge chunk of Australia's fauna at your finger tips. So have some fun! You could ....

    Listen to the call of the Pobblebonk Frog and track where it lives, learn what caterpillars eat, or plan a holiday around where you need to be and when to see whale migrations along the Victorian coastline. Discover what snakes live in your area and be aware of their venom toxicity. Does Victoria have Geckos? Show me our Dragon lizards! Tell me about our carnivorous marsupials! What mammals have we lost through extinction and what are we doing to protect the rest? What's an Australian Gull or Banjo Frog, a Weasel Skink, a Bandy Bandy or a Mallee Ninguai? And lots more....

    It's great for project work! Create distribution maps, make predictions where else species could occur, compile or compare species checklists for any place in Victoria, graph butterfly flight times by months or across 150 years, source images and ask lots of questions.

    The beauty of this site is that you can put real questions to a real data set and get back useful information.

    This web site has been designed to be used by the general public and education groups but will also be a valuable scientific resource. It's easy to access and use - just select one of the image links to the right or text links to the left!

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