Tim Ziegler

Tim Ziegler

Collection Manager, Vertebrate Palaeontology

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I preserve Victoria's fossil collections of backboned animals, plants, and microfossils, which includes nearly 250,000 specimens. This includes dinosaurs, giant marsupials, amber from tree sap, and ancient sharks and whales.

I organise and improve the digital collection database, and facilitate access for visiting researchers. I also prepare fossils by removing surrounding rock with hand tools, air-powered drills and acid.

I have a research interest in traces left behind on fossil bones, such as bite marks, weathering, and geochemical changes. The study of this evidence is known as taphonomy, and tells us about past environments and the way an animal lived and died


Honours (Science), Deakin University, 2016

B.Sc., Monash University, 2015

B.A., Monash University, 2010



Marx, F.G., Hocking, D.P., Park, T., Ziegler, T., Evans, A.R. & Fitzgerald, E.M.G.F. (2016) Suction feeding preceded filtering in baleen whale evolution. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 75: 71-82. 

Ziegler, T. & van Huet, S. (2016) A novel quantitative methodology for assessing taphonomic abrasion on fossil bone Palaeo Down Under 2. (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia).

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